Welcome to AgriMACS, Inc.

Founded in 2000, AgriMACS, Inc. manages over 5,000 acres in North Central and Columbia Basin Washington.  The management team is well versed in all aspects of horticulture, viticulture and management techniques.  We are industry leaders in progressive growing practices.  We provide clear and thorough accounting and use this information to make sound business decisions.  We keep abreast of legislation governing our industry and are knowledgeable in the implementation of systems designed to comply with employment, safety, housing and environmental regulation.  We also have extensive experience in property management, sales and development.

We can work with the packer-marketer, processor or vintner of your choice.

In the increasingly competitive agricultural market of today, it is vital that owners have access to understandable and useful data to help them make key investment decisions.  AgriMACS, Inc. is well versed in analyzing your property investment portfolio and uses professional quantitative modeling and skills in making recommendations to you to maximize your return on investment.

Our customer base covers a broad spectrum of clientele, ranging from the large institutional investor to the small private owner.  Services provided to these investors have included general management, horticultural and viticultural advice, fruit storage and packing placement, accounting and budget administration services, property sale and acquisition services, and investment acquisition analysis and support.